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If you need a Oklahoma Uncontested Divorce WE CAN HELP! If you and your spouse both agree on the terms for your divorce, our divorce professionals will prepare your Oklahoma divorce forms and deliver them to you for filing within three-five business days. All you have to do is print your divorce papers, file them, and then appear in court to finalize your divorce! If your spouse will sign a waiver document he/she will NEVER have to appear in court. We make the process of getting a Oklahoma Uncontested Divorce SIMPLE AND VERY AFFORDABLE! CALL US TODAY! To start your Oklahoma Uncontested Divorce papers by phone with a divorce specialist call 918-608-5135

Requirements for filing an Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma?

To file an Oklahoma Uncontested Divorce you or your spouse must have been a resident of the State of Oklahoma for at least six (6) months before the divorce is filed. There is a ten (10) day waiting period before a divorce can be finalized. There is a ninety (90) day waiting period if there are minor children, but the ninety (90) day waiting period may be waived by agreement of both of the parties. Your divorce petition can filed in the county that you reside in, as long as you have been a resident of your county for at least sixty (60) days.

What if my spouse refuses to the sign divorce papers?

You can finalize an uncontested divorce in Oklahoma without the other spouse`s signature. This is done by having the non-filing spouse served with the divorce papers. Once the other spouse is legally served with the divorce papers, he or she will have twenty (20) days to contest the divorce in writing or through a lawyer. If the non-filing spouse doesn't hire a lawyer to contest the divorce, the court can enter a default judgment for a divorce. If your spouse is incarcerated and /or financially unable to hire a Lawyer, there is a very good chance you can finalize your Oklahoma Uncontested Divorce without your spouse's signature. Call and ask us about the service divorce package today!

What if I cannot locate my spouse? Can I still get an uncontested divorce in Oklahoma?

If you cannot locate your spouse and are unable to serve your spouse with divorce papers, you can still finalize your Oklahoma Uncontested Divorce by publishing a legal notice in the newspaper. For more information about the publication divorce, or to start your publication divorce by phone click on the call button below.

How do I get an Uncontested Divorce if my spouse is incarcerated?

if you spouse is in jail or in prison you can easily finalize an Oklahoma Uncontested Divorce- even if your spouse refuses to sign divorce papers. This is accomplished using the service divorce process. After legally serving your inarcerated spouse with the divorce papers, your divorce can be finalized by default. For more information click on the call button below or dial 918-608-5135.

What if we have minor children? Can I still use this service?

You can finalize an uncontested divorce even if you have a minor child. If you and your spouse both agree on the issues of child custody and other parental obligations, you can still use our services

What if my spouse resides in another state?

It does not matter if your spouse lives in another state. You can mail (or e-mail) your spouse the documents he or she will need to sign. If your spouse resides in a different state you will use our waiver divorce.

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